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This new product is revolutionary; it will undoubtedly be a success for couples. Designed for the pleasures of Mr. and Mrs. ATTENTION LADIES! Whether clitoral or vaginal type; hold on to your hat! For clitoral women, you can use one of the 10 vibrations modes felt throughout the vibrator or target your pleasure with his ball located on the end of the vibrator that offers 3 different power modes. The ball offer a back and forth more than interesting movement. You could compare it to a powerful tongue that will never stop until it hits the spot, for vaginal women or those that do describe herself as such. Ladies to your G spot! Look no further, he will find it. We suggest stroking your body gently with one of the 10 vibrations mode, when ready to experiment the ultimate pleasure, we suggest activating the ball, which is perfectly located in a strategic place to find your spot. The pressure offered on your G spot will give you a powerful orgasm and may even make you discover new pleasures. ATTENTION GENTLEMEN! This vibrator designed to stimulate your prostate will make a pressure that can be controlled; intense to soft (3 speeds). This soft and silky silicone vibrator is easy for penetration and will make you cum with or without erection. Rechargeable using a USB plug and fitted with a wall adapter, it will be your best friend.

– Powerful motor

– 10 modes of vibrations

– 3 speed Magical ball at the tip of the vibrator that goes up and down

– Fully rechargeable

– Water resistant

– Phthalates free

– For man and women

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