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You dream about getting massaged with your body entirely covered with massage oil… sure, like all of us, but the oil would ruin your carpet, your bed or your sofa. So here’s the solution… the Nuru Magic Ride sheet! The Nuru Magic Ride sheet is “king” sized, so it covers a wide area: 80” (204cm) x 88” (224cm). It’s made of supple and resistant black vinyl .16mm thick and is reusable for life. Enough with the risk while you frisk, just lay out the Nuru Magic Ride anywhere you want and you can do full massages, and of course if you fancy, and you want a Nuru massage, which consists of sliding your whole body over your partner’s. The Nuru Magic Ride sheet gives you the ideal playing field to have fun together, roll around and wallow in massage lotion and get touched everywhere. With Nuru Magic Ride, you and your partner can have a real party for your skin and mind. 

For the Massage of your Dreams

Made of supple and Resistant black vinyl

Reusable for life

For Body to Body Massages

King Size Sheet

Ideal to Cover all Surfaces

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