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Wow! The Go Coco!  It looks like a windup headphones or a USB jack.  But it’s a vibrating egg at one end and a simple one-button controller on the other end.  Since it winds up onto itself in the middle, it becomes discreet and portable.  Go Coco is a miniature vibrator equipped with 7 vibrating rhythms, powerful and noiseless rhythms.  If you want an efficient vibro-friend, Go Coco transforms the vibro-pleasure experience into a discreet erotic art.  The Go Coco egg is only 3cm (1.2”) long and 1.5cm(.6”) wide, and includes 4 LR44 batteries.


• Safe for skin

• Latex-free & Phthalate-free

• Hypoallergenic

• Odorless

• Dimensions: The Go Coco egg is only 3cm (1.2”) long and 1.5cm(.6”) wide

• 7 vibrating rhythms

• Noise level: under 49db (practically inaudible)

• Battery type: 4 batteries LR44 included

• Splash proof, it can be washed under the tap or with a damp cloth

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