Each evening is unique

In the comfort of your home, assist with your friends to a demonstration of lace underwear, adult toys and sensual and erotic products with la Fée du Plaisir This service is totally free and without obligation to purchase.

You can give the theme you want for your party, it’s the perfect occasion to celebrate a special event.

Birthday parties, 5-7, bachelorette, girl’s night in, or just a reunion of friends for the sake of having a good time together.

Those evenings are for all tastes and budgets.

Our consultants will be happy to answer all your questions, help you plan your event to make it a success. We can customize each evening to make it a unique event.

Possibility of varied inventory of products, at a second or third demonstration by the same participants.

La Fée du Plaisir offers products that are recognized for their quality and from the largest companies in the industry, such as WE-VIBE, SHUNGA, LELO.

During the demonstration, you will have the opportunity to try, touch and even taste our product, if you dare! All product will be presented and explained by our consultants sometimes in serious explanation, but more often in the form of games.

Our consultant will answer all your questions, often without you having to ask. We will give you advice on the use of erotic products and adults toys, so theirs use will be even more pleasant and who knows, you may discover new sensations. Consultants of La Fée du Plaisir are expérience. They will host your evening with greatest respect and professionalism and will ensure that you spend an unforgettable evening.

Fun and crazy laughter guaranteed!

Once the demonstration is completed, yours guests and you will be invited one at the time to purchase your items in complete privacy. Feel free to ask questions or discuss personal topics with our consultant.

Your consultant has an inventory of products; So you can leave the same evening with all your purchases. In the event where you couldn’t receive your products on the evening of the demonstration; our team will start the preparation of your order on the next business day. If a product is "out of stock" we will immediately contact the client to advise and see the options available.

Your hostess will receive your order in a closed and discreet bag on which your name will be indicated. Please note that each invoice contains a fixed handling fee of $ 3.99. These fees are used to pay a portion of the cost of shipping for your orders; It would be unfair to punish a person who would not receive his order the same evening and have to pay in addition to handling charges.


As an Hostess

I want to comment on a presentation of erotic products at home and get the chance to win a $ 50 gift certificate !

more info soon…

Small glass of liquor during the demonstration?

Yes, certainly, we have no objections, as long as you keep the control. We rely on the host so that the course of the evening takes place with respect.

My apartment is too small to receive my guests?

It is possible to organize parties in a rented location. Certain conditions apply. Discuss this with your

Can I raise money for a non-profit organization or a cause that hold me dear ?

Yes, we will give 10% * the amount of sales of the evening to the organization of your choice. (this 10% represents handed gifts of the hostess. The fee will also present a 5% higher.)

A check will be made payable to the organization name. At the end of the evening.

As a hostess, how much space should I have?

A living room, kitchen or dining room that can accommodate a dozen people to make the presentation and another room like a bedroom for confidential sales.

Whom should I invite?

Do not hesitate to talk to all your knowledge. (Friends, office colleague, family, entourage, the friends of your friends). As our demonstrations are friendly, fun and professional, your guests will not be disappointed. All will spend an unforgettable evening. It is also possible to organize an evening between couple. Discuss this with your advisor, (these products vary).

I would like to become an advisor for La fée du Plaisir?
Absolutely, nothing simpler, contact us and we will send all the necessary information to start your
career of home sales.

How many participants must I have?

We recommend a minimum of 10 people for a better atmosphere. Evenings with friends are usually more successful than couple evenings. Keep in mind that often, There’s always a few people that
have unexpected and cannot attend your evening, so it's always best to invite more people. In the event you have several cancellations of last minutes, do not hesitate to contact your  consultant to discuss it whit her. You can then replace the evening at a later date which would be more appropriate to your guests.

Should I leave the tip?

Our consultants are paid by Commission on the total amount of the sale of the evening. She will animate your evening and make sure you spend an unforgettable evening;

It is always possible from the rewarded with a little extra bonus.

Is there a minimum required purchase?

Every participant is free to make purchases or not. However, the total amount of sales of the evening
will determine the value of gifts offered to the hostess or the amount raised during a fundraiser.

What are the fees to book a demonstration with La Fée du Plaisir ?

It’s totally free.

How long lasts a demonstration at home?

A Presentation lasts an average of 3 hours. But it can vary depending of the Group; (More the group is important, more there are interactions…, questions, games, shopping)

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